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The Single Teatox is perfect for the first-time SkinnyFit user, or anyone who! The Single Teatox will help get you ready to fit into that cute dress or feel more confident for your upcoming special occasion. This 28-Day supply is our original Teatox system and helps jumpstart anyone wanting to get started with a healthier lifestyle. You’ll love the initial cleansing benefits as well as the tightening effect it has on your belly, and it’s great to use after a week of indulging. Of course, you’ll want to pair the Single Teatox with a pattern of clean eating and a little exercise for the best results. You got this!
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Get ready for even MORE gorgeous benefits with the Besties pack! This one is a steal with 2 bags of SkinnyFit for a special reduced price. This 56-Day Supply can be used consecutively, bi-monthly or shared with your Bestie so you can Teatox as a team! It’s perfect for getting your body beach ready for summer, a vacation, or for an upcoming trip to keep you healthy and glowing while you travel. The two bags is for those who want to have extended, enhanced teatoxing benefits. Don’t forget to use your SkinnyFit in conjunction with a healthy meal plan and regular physical activity! You’ll love how you feel.
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By far the biggest bang for your buck, the Party Pack ensures that you’ll never (like, ever) miss a gorgeous benefit! With 3 bags of the 28 Day Teatox, the 3 bags will last you almost 3 months. If you’re a regular SkinnyFit babe or you’re already in love with the naturally cleansing, tightening and immunity boosting effects, this pack is for you! You can space your Teatox cycles over a longer time period or use a few back to back. Or if you like to share the love, the 3 bag set is a great bundle to purchase for passing a few out to your squad as gifts. The more, the merrier!
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SkinnyFit’s Teatox Program

Just one simple step!

You can reach your fitness goals, and the SkinnyFit 28 Day Teatox Program makes it easier than ever. Simply enjoy SkinnyFit Tea each morning before breakfast to cleanse your body of unwanted waste and toxins, decrease bloating and boost your energy.




SkinnyFit’s exclusive blend of Lemongrass, Ginseng, Sencha Green Tea and Goji Berries is packed with naturally cleansing ingredients to purify your body and kickstart your metabolism. Rich antioxidant levels promote healthy skin and boost immunity.

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The Brew With Benefits

  • It Works
    Clears out toxins, minimizes bloating & revs up metabolism.
  • No Diets
    Just better eating patterns & choices.
  • all-natural-icon
  • 100% Natural
    Fresh, whole tea leaves from select fields around the world.
  • easy-cup-icon
  • Simple
    brew the perfect cup in just a few minutes every morning.

Why SkinnyFit?

  • Connector.

    Simple- Just 1 Step

    Just 1 Step. Save yourself the time of multi-step teatox systems with just one bag of SkinnyFit Tea. Our unique blend is effective enough without a second nightly tea yet safe enough to use every day – no schedule necessary!

  • Connector.

    Decrease Bloating

    Decrease Bloating. We’ve taken the time to research what works. SkinnyFit is made with not just one but several naturally slimming ingredients that are known to calm inflammation, reduce bloating and discomfort and increase thermogenesis.

  • Connector.

    100% Natural & Non-GMO

    100% Natural & Non-GMO. Not only do our ingredients work – they’re good for you! We don’t use added sweeteners, artificial flavors or unnecessary additives to mask the genuine earthy flavors our teas create on their own.

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Miss Florida US 2014
Tia McDonald



Thank you Skinnytea for getting me STAGE READY for the Tropicbeauty world finals Skinny Fit #skinnyfit #tropicbeauty #tbwf16 @tropicbeauty #skinnyplustea #skinnytea

When I have some time to myself I like to relax and indulge, so it’s TEA TIME! @skinnyfit.mehas helped me get ready for @tropicbeauty World Finals. It’s my answer to a flat tummy and I feel more energized for the rest of the day too! #skinnyfit #me


This #skinnyfit #tea is exactly what I need each morning! It’s a healthy all Vegan natural detox. It’s helping me feel more energized and it’s keeping my tummy stay flat for this week with @tropicbeauty #modelsearch!

Everyone Loves Us!

Good morning Las Vegas! I started off day 2 of this week’s @tropicbeauty events with some much needed stretches, a good workout, and our tea! Up and at it today with a photo shoot here at the gorgeous

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What People are Saying about #SkinnyFit

Summer Priester


Miss United States 2015

So after indulging in Charleston today with a BBQ chicken potato & an espresso chip ice-cream cone. I am SUPER excited to try SkinnyFit 28 Day TeaTox to get rid of toxins and cleanse my body. Bye Bye toxins & bloating, hello happy tummy!

Donna Brown


Mrs. Globe Classic 2015

Mrs. Globe 2016. I’m 52 years old and feeling amazing because of SkinnyFit Teatox

Shelby Houlihan


Team USA Runner for Nike

It’s always tea time thanks to I drink it when I wake up to boost my metabolism and have more energy for workouts!! Plus it’s all natural #skinnyfitfriday

Raquel Fatiuk


Mrs. Texas United States 2016

Getting My on this Christmas Eve :)… It tastes soooo goood. Time to stay ahead of the holiday season.

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